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Datum: 1 januari 2017

Genom vårt samarbete med Ework erbjuder vi våra tjänster bl a inom Kammarkollegiets statliga ramavtal riktat mot Managementkonsultområdet. Vi tillhandahåller även tjänster till Göteborgs stad och många andra kommuner inom ramavtalen som riktar sig mot utveckling av organisation, ledare och medarbetare.

Tillsammans med EPS Humaninvest AB har vi även ramavtal med vår hemkommun Kungsbacka - närodlat :)


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5 March-18. Path to org Health & Balance

Pris: kr950.00

Datum: 5 mars 2018

This introductory workshop provides you with an exploration into what is necessary for you to lead an organization toward a state of health, balance and resilience in a dynamic and changing world. You will learn simple, practical tools for attending to the organizational climate that you can bring back to your organization in order to start a discussion on the value of attending to your organizaitonal climate.

During the training you will learn a path for re-discovering the blueprint and restoring a healthy and balanced climate in an organization.

This workshop can be taken on it’s own or as a part of a 2,5 day workshop including the workshop Achieving and Regenerating Organizational Health and Balance (offered in March 6-7).

  • This workshop is for:
  • Managers
  • Facilitators
  • People in roles concerned with development and transition in all sorts of organizations, including NGO’s, communities, clubs, etc.

The workshop will happen in our favorite place Landgoed de Horst, The Netherlands (50min from Amsterdam Airport)

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6-7 March-18. Achieving Org Health&Balance

Pris: kr1250.00

Datum: 6 mars 2018

Learn how to make sustainable improvements to your organization in times of dynamic change
Organizations in times of change can benefit greatly if they focus on how to achieve and maintain their balance. This training provides you with an opportunity to dive into what it would take, both for you as a consultant as well as for an organization to design a plan to achieve organizational Health. You will gain insight into how to enable your organization to stay healthy, resilient and alert in a challenging environment.

The workshop will happen in our favorite place Landgoed de Horst, The Netherlands (50min from Amsterdam Airport)
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16-18 april-18. Learning to work with Whole Person Process Facilitation

Pris: kr900.00

Datum: 16 april 2018

Whole Person Process Facilitation (WPPF) is the name given to a highly dynamic, participative meeting methodology designed to integrate the wisdom of the group as well the individual, during the meeting.

The WPPF methodology delivers both powerful short and long term results from meetings. Energy, ideas and discussions from meetings are transformed into constructive action, with participants embracing responsibility and leadership around the topic at hand, be that a product, concept, question or strategy.

In the longer term, by using the WPPF meeting methodology, team members become increasingly more engaged, creative and open. This engenders resilience among people and teams in dealing with the  dynamics of change from both within and outside organizations.

In this 3 day training you will learn how to use meetings as a seriously effective way to utilize all of the human capacity in an organization. You will discover not only how to prepare, run and follow up on meetings in a new way, but will also learn to build your own capacity to run a WPPF meeting. After the training you will have access to a peer-to-peer mentoring circle for ongoing learning.

The workshop will happen in our favorite place Landgoed de Horst, The Netherlands (50min from Amsterdam Airport)

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19-20 april-18. Cross Cultural Conflict Resolution

Betalning på plats

Datum: 19 april 2018

“Peace is not the absence of conflict but the presence of creative alternatives for respondingto conflict.”
― Dorothy Thompson
If you are part of any living system you will be confronted with conflict as an inevitable part of growth and change. If you are interested in thriving in that living system then finding ways to address conflict that allow for them to be resolved in ways that give new insights and energy is vital. Cross Cultural Conflict Resolution provide you with ways to do just that.
This workshop will focus on your personal preparation for working with and in situations of conflict so that you can navigate with it.  It provides you with understanding of when conflict resolution is and is not a viable option. It provides you with a practical method for addressing conflict resolution in situations where it is necessary.

The workshop will happen in our favorite place Landgoed de Horst, The Netherlands (50min from Amsterdam Airport).
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Lediga platser: Unlimited

12-14 sept-18. Working with Open Space Technology

Betalning på plats

Datum: 12 september 2018

This is a unique opportunity to learn how to use this superior collaboration method in a small group setting, taught by 3 highly experienced Open Space practitioners. Open Space Technology (OST) is a meeting methodology that harnesses the collective wisdom of the group, team or organization to address concrete business issues, find answers to complex problems, and nurture leadership in times of change.

Using the potential of the whole group, whether 5 or 500+ people, OST has the capacity to bring together (large) groups of people around topics that are deeply important to them and thus prone to misunderstanding. OST has proven long term effects in problem solving among groups and improving how people work together. Working repeatedly with Open Space Technology has the capacity to transform organizations.

The workshop will happen in our favorite place Landgoed de Horst, The Netherlands (50min from Amsterdam Airport).

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15 sept-18 GC mentorcirkel i Amsterdam

Pris: kr900.00

Datum: 15 september 2018

(English follows) Möt upp i vårt årliga möte med Genuine Contact Professionals, trainers, co-owners och andra intresserade i att lära om hur vi arbetar med Genuine Contact. Mentorcirkeln är en plats att lära tillsammans, inspirera varandra och vara mentorer åt varandra - vi som arbetar med Genuine Contact.
Mer info och anmälan (på engelska)

Join our annual gathering of Genuine Contact professionals, trainers, co-owners and others interested in the Genuine  Contact approach.  The Mentoring Circle is designed as a place   to learn together, inspire and mentor one another in working with Genuine Contact.
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12-15 febr-18 Lära att bygga en Genuine Contact Organisation

Betalning på plats

Datum: 12 februari 2019

(English follows) Lär dig att utveckla en interrelaterad lärande organisation som inspirerar, upprätthåller och re-genererar tillväxt och exceptionella resultat. Workshopen visar en möjlig väg att bygga kapacitet i gruppen att navigera i det kaos som är del av vår vardag. Den ger verktyg och en förståelse så att du kan applicera det du lärt i din unika miljö, där du kan skapa din egna Genuine Contact Organisation.

Kursen genomförs på vårt favoritställe Landgoed de Horst, nära Utrecht, en timme från Amsterdams flygplats. Kursspråket är engelska men anpassning till olika behov är spännande. Vi som är kursledare är Anna Caroline från Tyskland, Doris från Nederländerna och jag (Sverige) och vi talar flera språk.

During this workshop you will learn ways to develop an interconnected learning organization to inspire, sustain and re-generate growth, and exeptional performance. This workshop offers a path to build group capacity to successfully flow with the chaos of our time in gives you tools and understanding so that you can apply your learning to your unique setting, creating your own unique Genuine Contact Organization.

The workshop will happen in our favorite place Landgoed de Horst, The Netherlands (50min from Amsterdam Airport). We plan to have English as our primary language in the training but we are happy to explore ways to involve more languages. We know "at least" German, English, Spanish and Swedish :)
More information and registration

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2-6 april-19 GC Train the Trainer

Betalning på plats

Datum: 2 april 2019

(English follows) Vi är glada att erbjuda auktorisationskursen Genuine Contact Train the Trainer. Vill du komma med i ett internationellt nätverk av trainers som arbetar för "fred och harmoni i världen" genom att frigöra kraft i människor och organisationer? Delta i Train the trainer så skaffar du dig auktorisation att utbilda andra i alla delar av The Genuine Contact Program.

Vi erbjuder olika möjligheter att ta de delar du behöver för att delta i Train the Trainer, under tiden fram tills dess.

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Hör av dig till Thomas om du har frågor nu!

Train the Trainer liksom många av våra kurser genomförs i Amsterdam. Dit flyger du enkelt och billigt. Vi bokar normalt via Travelstart.

We are happy to offer the Genuine Contact Train the Trainer. Would you like to join an international network of trainers working for "peace and harmony in the world" through releasing power in people and organizations? This training gives you authorization to teach all of the modules of the Genuine Contact Program.

We offer various opportunities to take the parts you need to participate in the authorization course, during the coming time.

More info and registration!
Get in touch with Thomas, Anna Caroline or Doris if you have ANY questions now!

Train the Trainer and many of our other trainings are organized in Amsterdam. We usually book via Travelstart.

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