3 okt. Erfa utbyte om ”Open Space”, på distans (gratis)

Datum: 3 oktober 2019

Du kanske nyligen utbildat dig i Open Space-metoden, eller är en rutinerad Open Space-räv  eller ”bara” har läst om metoden och blivit nyfiken och vill veta/lära mer… Du är varmt välkommen till en eftermiddag då vi utbyter erfarenheter – du bestämmer agendan – vi lär tillsammans ”i Open Space”!
Syftet med workshopen är att inspirera och samla kraft att använda metoden ännu mer, för medskapande utveckling. Det är kostnadsfritt att delta. Sprid gärna info om metoden och ge gärna en slant till välgörande ändamål.

Workshopen genomförs på distans

Praktisk info och anmälan

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22-24 Oct, Working with Open Space Technology, (Washington, USA)

Startdatum: 22 oktober 2019
Slutdatum: 24 oktober 2019

This is a unique opportunity to learn how to use this powerful collaboration method in a small group setting, taught by 2 highly experienced Open Space Practitioners, Thomas Herrmann and Anna Caroline Türk.

Open Space Technology (OST) is a meeting methodology that harnesses the collective
wisdom of the group, team or organization to address concrete business issues, find answers to complex problems, and nurture leadership in times of change. Using the potential of the whole group, whether 5 or 500+ people, OST has the capacity to bring together (large) groups of people around topics that are deeply important to them and thus prone to misunderstanding. OST has proven long term effects in problem solving among groups and improving how people work together. Working repeatedly with Open Space Technology has the capacity to transform organizations.

Our location: Cherry Hill Park, Washington DC

Prices: 1300 (employees), 1100 Small businesses and small NGOs, 750 Studentprice.

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Do you know that our training is followed by the 27th WorldOpenSpaceOnOpenSpace, at the same venue the days following our training? Join us! More info!

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16-18 Oct -19. Working with Whole Person Process Facilitation (NL)

Startdatum: 16 oktober 2019
Slutdatum: 18 oktober 2019

Whole Person Process Facilitation (WPPF) is the name given to a highly dynamic, participative meeting methodology designed to integrate the wisdom of the group as well the individual, during the meeting.

The WPPF methodology delivers both powerful short and long term results from meetings. Energy, ideas and discussions from meetings are transformed into constructive action, with participants embracing responsibility and leadership around the topic at hand, be that a product, concept, question or strategy.

In the longer term, by using the WPPF meeting methodology, team members become increasingly more engaged, creative and open. This engenders resilience among people and teams in dealing with the  dynamics of change from both within and outside organizations.

In this 3 day training you will learn how to use meetings as a seriously effective way to utilize all of the human capacity in an organization. You will discover not only how to prepare, run and follow up on meetings in a new way, but will also learn to build your own capacity to run a WPPF meeting. After the training you will have access to a peer-to-peer mentoring circle for ongoing learning.

The workshop will happen in De Kapellerput, Somerenseweg 100, Heeze The Netherlands (2,5 hours by train from Amsterdam or Düsseldorf Airport). Here you can check out trains and buses

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