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29/9-1/10 From old habits to integration (Öland/Swe)

Startdatum: 29 september 2019
Slutdatum: 1 oktober 2019

(English follows) Från vanespår till integration.

Hur kan skilda världar mötas och gamla mönster luckras upp?
Vi är glada att bjuda in till denna lärexpedition på Öland! De här dagarna riktar sig till dig som arbetar med att bjuda in potentialen i grupper som facilitator/processledare/ledare.
Som vi, är du nyfiken på hur du kan ta nästa steg för att ge förutsättningar för innovativa och kreativa lösningar mellan människor där de tar sin plats. Du vill känna att energin håller ända in i mål till förverkligande av era idéer. Du har märkt att vi ibland pratar bort mötenas egentliga potential och hamnar i våra redan kända svar?
Välkommen till magiska Öland där vi tillsammans utforskar nya möjligheter!

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From old habits to integration

How can different worlds meet and how can old patterns dissolve?

This workshop is for you facilitator and/or leader who work to invite the potential in groups. Just as we, you are curious about how you can take the next step to create conditions for innovation and creative solutions between people.
You want to feel that the energy in the Group remains throughout the process, so that your ideas are accomplished.
You have noticed that we sometimes talk and talk in meetings, ending up wiith answers we already know?

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12 mars-20. Erfa utbyte om ”Open Space”, på distans (gratis)

Datum: 12 mars 2020

Du kanske nyligen utbildat dig i Open Space-metoden, eller är en rutinerad Open Space-räv  eller ”bara” har läst om metoden och blivit nyfiken och vill veta/lära mer… Du är varmt välkommen till en eftermiddag då vi utbyter erfarenheter – du bestämmer agendan – vi lär tillsammans ”i Open Space”!
Syftet med workshopen är att inspirera och samla kraft att använda metoden ännu mer, för medskapande utveckling. Därför kostar det inget att vara med. Jag hoppas du blir inspirerad att använda metoden mer!

Workshopen genomförs på distans

Praktisk info och anmälan

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25-27 Oct. WorldOpenSpaceOnOpenSpace (Washington, USA)

Startdatum: 25 oktober 2019
Slutdatum: 27 oktober 2019

The 27th Annual World Open Space on Open Space welcomes participants to engage in Open Space Technology as a practice and a philosophy. If you are eager for possibilities beyond current expectations, please join us.

Be prepared to be surprised!

OUR THEME – ¿Honoring the Ineffable Spirit of Open Space Technology?

(adj.) Utterly indescribable; Inspires a sense of ”Awe”

Here is more info and registration!

We are offering an Open Space Technology training just before the WOSonOS, on 22-24 Oct, check it out!

Also check out the OpenSpaceAgility + Inviting Leadership workshop following WOSonOS – on Oct 28th.


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28 May/19 June… Global Oasis for Emerging Leaders

Datum: 28 maj 2019

Are you someone who thinks globally?
Do you support others to grow, learn and do meaningful work together?

Let’s share, nourish our souls and serve our projects!

… May 28 / June 19 / July 22 / Aug 28 / Sept 24 …

You are invited

… into an oasis for people from different walks of life: be it business, environmental causes, politics, spirituality, healthcare, education, etc.
… who come together in circle, virtually and globally
… to support each others emergence as leaders and help each other make a bigger difference
… with the intention to strengthen the opportunities for joy and harmony in the world.

Video invitation!

This might be for you if you:

  • take a global perspective
  • have a cause you are passionate about
  • consider yourself a leader who is committed to continuous evolution
  • walk your talk (sometimes slipping, as we all do) and
  • want to have a good time together with other like-minded and like-hearted people

You get to

  • relax into a skillfully facilitated online space
  • fill up your energy tank
  • share what is meaningful to you
  • tap into the genius of others who also go through life with a high intention
  • experiment in a way you may not elsewhere
  • move forward having grown as a leader

What happens?
In our meetings we spend 2,5 hours together, using processes that allow us to tap into our co-creative genius.

All meetings stand by themselves. You can join once, regularly, or every now and then. In our gatherings we combine whole group sharing, small groups, pairs, and individual reflection, and co-creating our agenda as in Open Space Technology.

We expect intriguing conversations, lots of learning, sharing of resources, building of connections and… being surprised by what becomes possible when great people come together in the spirit of honesty, service and playfulness.

You are welcome if you are willing to

  • prepare a good space for yourself from which you call in, so that you can be fully present
  • follow what has heart and meaning to you
  • listen with generous ears & share your truth free of blame or judgement
  • be curious and open to outcome

(inspired by Angeles Arrien, The Four-Fold Way)

Your hosts

Marai Kiele (Germany) is always looking for what brings out the essence in human beings. You will find her going to the edge of the unknown, integrating and combining the best of different worlds: business & spirituality, personal development & organisational evolution, sincerity & playfulness… She has been described as an “Energy Weaver” and someone who finds the hidden treasures in conflicts. She helps leaders and teams to align with themselves and the larger evolutionary impulse. She founded Joyful Together, which also describes her global vision.

Thomas Herrmann (Sweden) is a bridge builder, active in various local as well as global initiatives and communities. His mission is to release life power in people, organisations and society. He has more than two decades of experience facilitating sustainable development processes around complex issues. Thomas has trained several hundred people, making even more ripples around the world. He is an expert in facilitating participative online meetings. Thomas is the founder of Open Space Consulting.

Date & Time (choose one or several)
Dates: May 28 / June 19 / July 22 / Aug 28 / Sept 24 / … 2019
Time: 18 h European Central / 12noon EST / 9.30pm IST
Duration: 2,5 hours (if 2,5 hours is too big of a time commitment, come for the first hour to ”taste” our offer).

Check your time zone
Yes, I want to register!

Meeting Software
For our online meeting space we use QiqoChat, a collaborative software that gives us audio, video as well as whiteboards and breakout rooms to play with. To participate you need a computer with webcam and microphone. You will receive sign in information after you have registered.

Who pays for my attendance?
We aren’t “charging” for this offer. At the same time we need your support for our work in order to be sustainable.

Our idea: You reserve your seat via Eventbrite free of charge. Then you experience and hopefully appreciate the meeting. Afterward you are invited to contribute an amount that suits you–which enables us to continue doing the work we do (this form of contribution was inspired by Marshall Rosenberg). Imagine that you create an opportunity for another participant.

First timers: If during the meeting you realize, “this is not for me”, please follow your heart and honour yourself & the group by leaving at any time (also known as The Law of Two Feet / “Law of One Mouse-click”).

Our facilitation is rooted in Genuine Contact™ – a holistic approach to organizational success. In order to support the work that is done to grow Genuine Contact in the world, 20% of the revenue from this initiative go to the International Genuine Contact Organisation.

Come if you are willing to enter an open space filled with possibility.

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16-18 Oct -19. Working with Whole Person Process Facilitation (NL)

Startdatum: 16 oktober 2019
Slutdatum: 18 oktober 2019

Whole Person Process Facilitation (WPPF) is the name given to a highly dynamic, participative meeting methodology designed to integrate the wisdom of the group as well the individual, during the meeting.

The WPPF methodology delivers both powerful short and long term results from meetings. Energy, ideas and discussions from meetings are transformed into constructive action, with participants embracing responsibility and leadership around the topic at hand, be that a product, concept, question or strategy.

In the longer term, by using the WPPF meeting methodology, team members become increasingly more engaged, creative and open. This engenders resilience among people and teams in dealing with the  dynamics of change from both within and outside organizations.

In this 3 day training you will learn how to use meetings as a seriously effective way to utilize all of the human capacity in an organization. You will discover not only how to prepare, run and follow up on meetings in a new way, but will also learn to build your own capacity to run a WPPF meeting. After the training you will have access to a peer-to-peer mentoring circle for ongoing learning.

The workshop will happen in De Kapellerput, Somerenseweg 100, Heeze The Netherlands (2,5 hours by train from Amsterdam or Düsseldorf Airport). Here you can check out trains and buses

More information and registration

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15-17 May-19. Organizational Health and Balance, Berlin!

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Startdatum: 15 maj 2019
Slutdatum: 17 maj 2019

(English follows) Vi är glada att erbjuda möjligheten att återupptäcka och finna vägar att förbättra välmåendet och balansen i våra organisationer. Kom, lär och utforska med en internationell grupp som möter våren i den spännande och vackra staden Berlin. Du tar med dig praktiska verktyg hem! De kan du använda i din egna eller andra organisationer.

Vägen-till-Hälsa-och-Balans-i-Organisationer- en halvdags upplevelsebaserad workshop (Grundmodul 1 i The Genuine Contact™ Program). Den följs av fördjupningen – Att-skapa-Hälsa-och-Balans-i-Organisationer Organisationer – diagnos och förnyelse (Grundmodul 2).

Din investering (ex moms):
Path to organizational Health and balance. 125 Euro
Achieving organizational Health and balance: 900-750-520 Euro
1. Normalpris (anställd). 2. Småföretag/små ideella organisationer. 3. Student och nyföretagare.
Var passar du in?

Boka plats via epost till min kollega i Berlin Anna Caroline
Om du har frågor kan du även kontakta mig, Thomas.

We are happy to offer the opportunity to re-discover and find ways to improve Health and Balance in your organization. Join the exploration in an international group meeting in the exciting and Beautiful city of Berlin. You will bring back practical tools that you can use in your own or other organizations.

Read more about Path-to-Organizational Health and Balance – a half day experiental workshop (Foundation 1 of the Genuine Contact™ Program). This workshop is followed by Foundation 2 workshop Achieving and Re-generating Organizational Health & Balance.

Your investment (excl VAT):
Path to organizational Health and balance. 125 Euro
Achieving organizational Health and balance: 900-750-520 Euro
1. Standard price (employed). 2. Small business/small NGO 3. Student and start-up.
Where do you fit in?

Register via email to my collegue in Berlin Anna Caroline.
You may also connect to me with questions, Thomas.

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3-5 dec. Att arbeta hållbart med Open Space-metoden

Ta chansen att lära hur du arbetar klokt med Open Space-metoden för att skapa hållbar utveckling. Vi har ordnat ett extra tillfälle i början av december för att ge möjligheten till en grupp personer som vill börja använda denna kraftfulla mötesform NU. Vi har plats för dig också!

Vi har 20 års erfarenhet från framgångsrika utvecklingsprocesser i företag, organisationer och föreningar. Vi har sett, att när krafterna släpps loss, när deltagarna självorganiserar kring sina passioner skapas resultat som ingen vågat drömma om. Vi har utbildat 100-tals pigga människor som nu gör stor skillnad i världen. Häng med!

Lär mer om Open Space-metoden på vår hemsida

Vi samarbetar med Två Skyttlar i genomförandet. De erbjuder en sagolik miljö vid Västra Örbysjön, fantastisk mat och en så fint bemötande att vi så gärna kommer tillbaks!

Mer information och anmälan

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Hållbart medskapande med Open Space-metoden

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Startdatum: 31 december 2019
Slutdatum: 31 december 2020

Open Space-metoden är den mest kraftfulla metoden för att nå hållbar utveckling genom medskapande, menar jag. Vi arrangerar regelbundet Lärtillfällen över tre dagar där du kan lära mer om att använda Open Space på ett klokt sätt.

Utbildningen genomförs så snart vi har minst 6 intresserade deltagare. Så hör av dig om du vill vara med nästa gång! Varje år i september erbjuder vi utbildningen, i Nederländerna.
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18-20 okt Träning Medskapande Ledarskap

Startdatum: 18 oktober 2017
Slutdatum: 20 oktober 2017

Vad kan bli möjligt när vi tillsammans utforskar arbetssätt och bygger broar för ett öppet och rättvist samhälle?
Välkommen på en träning i att vara värd för medskapande processer i komplexa samhällsutmaningar 18–20 oktober 2017 på Nordiska Folkhögskolan i Kungälv.

Subventionerat pris och möjlighet för organisationer som inte kan betala hela kostnaden, att få delta till rabatterat pris.

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26 okt. Erfa-utbyte Open Space på distans!

Datum: 26 oktober 2017

Vi fortsätter traditionen att varje halvår bjuda på ett kostnadsfritt tillfälle att inspirera varandra – vi som vill lära mer om att arbeta med Open Space-metoden!

Mötet genomförs på distans, eftermiddagen den 26 oktober, så du behöver inte resa den här gången. Boka gärna in dagen redan nu!

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