25 mars – online workshop 5toFold decision making

Datum: 25 mars 2020

This workshop gives you a profound experience as well as the information you need to start using Five to Fold decision making (5toFold) right away.

5toFold is a collaborative decision making process, specifically suitable for purpose-centered organizations and teams. It ensures high quality conversations with all voices being heard. At the same time it is clearly structured and efficient. The result is real commitment by those participating in a decision. At times it may result in well-founded disagreement, which allows for the reworking of proposals until they are in alignment with the group’s purpose.

In our International Genuine Contact Organization we have used 5toFold for many years. Many of us also use it regularily with our clients. We will share our experiences in the workshop on March 25th.

Welcome to join us!

You find more info about it here: Genuine Contact Speciality series
or use a direct link to 5toFold workshop info and registration

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