Quick follow up

How often do you have a follow up meeting soon after a development activity? Within 2 weeks after an Open Space Technology meeting (OST) we always facilitate a first follow up meeting with our client and participants from the OST. That’s part of the deal. 4-6 months later we have an accountability meeting, similar in design/process.

The typical agenda for this meeting is: Intro/transfer in. Recap – the whole process. Identifying what happened already, after the OST-meeting. Analysis of the results and learnings. Then preferably lunchbreak before using a couple of hours to decide on next steps, sometimes as a mini-open space (Theme: So now what? How do we move on now?). We end with a ”to-do-list” before the closing circle (who does what and when? Who joins?). And yes these meetings are always facilitated in circles, using Whole Person Process Facilitation. Extremely efficient, participative and always space for laughter here and there.

Yesterday I facilitated this meeting at a University in west Sweden. The group found some actions and invitations they want to issue to support what is already happening in the process. I am excited to see where they go!

Follow up meeting



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