An inviting atmosphere – coffee and tea, soft music and a present facilitator…

Thursday morning a team of leaders and other key persons arrive at a venue in central Stockholm. How does it feel to arrive? Coffee and tea available at the entrance, soft music in the background. Much care has been given to creating a welcoming atmosphere in the room, beautiful posters on the walls a circle of chairs and I am present as facilitator as everything was prepared the day before. The design for the meeting gives space for co-creation and emergence in the meeting. I say it makes a difference!

This is the second pre-meeting and part of the two first steps for creating a sustainable development process. Ensuring readiness and inviting engagement. Late October all staff, 350 persons, will gather in a much larger circle, creating the agenda together and go to work, using Open Space Technology as a vehicle to powerful co-creation. This ”Construction phase” goes hand in hand with implementation – as happens in Open Space. The follow up meetings are planned, where we ”open space” again by asking what has happened and how will you move on…?

Let’s go!



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