Tools for reinventing organizations

I just listened to the lecture ”Reinventing organizations” again, by Fredric Laloux who wrote the renowned book with the same name. It took me ironing 19 shirts, which tells I am not very quick maybe? I highly recommend listening to it even if you have no shirts to iron!

Fredric found three major breakthroughs that ”teal organizations” have made to achieve outstanding performance due to employee engagement with engaged byt mainly space holding leaders.

Teal organizations have incorporated self-management, so inspired teams manage themselves instead of being managed by less suited managers. In these organizations the whole person is invited instead of people being asked to leave emotions, spirituality and intuition at the door. Finally they work from an evolutionary purpose. The organization is accepted as a living system ”knowing” where its heading – just fasten your seatbelts and come along!

One of the methods mentioned as a catalyst is Open Space Technology which besides opening space for high Learning, high play and creative solutions, also gives a valuable experience to understand what is possible in organizations.

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The facilitator team Thomas, Doris and Anna Caroline




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