The Open Space training in Amsterdam is approaching…the journey is part of the goal!

Just came back from another inspiring meeting with my collegues Anna Caroline and Doris. We meet on Skype quite often now, preparing for our Open Space training in Amsterdam Sept 14-16th. Today we decided to explore our own assumptions regarding those Days – interesting, exciting and good learning!

We do already learn a lot on this journey. On Friday we are (maybe) putting our last pieces on the design – or we might go another direction in the meeting – we follow our flow. And it is marvellous work!

skype mtg

There is still space for you to join us for an extraordinary learning journey. Prolong the summer (especially for us here up North/I live in Sweden) and join a great group of learners in Amsterdam.

Open Space Technology is greatly needed out there and the GC-way has some powerful Spices to the stew!

More info here!



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