2015 TrainTheTrainer – GC™


We are happy to announce that in the summer of 2015 we are offering a North European ”Train the Trainer” for the Genuine Contact™Program. This is a certification program which gives you the opportunity to join us as co-creator of our Genuine Contact organization as well as to train others in the different modules of the program. It also gives you access to our full resources, hundreds of treasures including our workbooks, handouts, presentations etc. On top of that it gives you greater opportunities for international cooperation with skilled colleagues all over the world – just as we do!


We are offering this because we think there is no more time to waste. Our corporations and organizations suffer and people within them are suffering. The negative consequences are too serious to accept. It’s time to release the full power and achieve organizational success…let people thrive…and create a better world for us all!


We are also happy to announce that this offering is done in cooperation with my highly valued colleagues Doris from Amsterdam and Anna Caroline from Berlin. We have worked closely for years and we know that this will be a powerful learning adventure for you as a participant as well as us as trainers. For us it has already started!

The certification program is a 7 day training where you deepen your understanding and knowledge, on top of what you learnt in the pre-requisite four modules + other available workshops you may choose for your personal preparation.

All the listed workshops will be offered leading up to Train the Trainer, on one or several locations in Northern Europe. A number of complementary learning opportunities will be offered to support you on the way.

Module 1: Working with Open Space Technology. 2. Whole Person Process Facilitation. 3. Cross Cultural Conflict Resolution. 4. Genuine Contact Organization.

Other recommended learning: Foundational workshops 1. Path to Organizational Health & Balance. 2. Achieving Organizational Health & Balance. 3. Individual Health & Balance

Watch out for more information – or get in touch NOW  to let us know you want to join the ride!

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